Mahoney & Associates is an exclusive listing agency for retail, professional office, industrial, apartment properties, and motels/hotels, as well as for land sites that are zoned for commercial and residential development.

Our Experience and Counsel to Property Owners
Before we recommend that a client list a property, we will thoroughly evaluate the property’s position as it relates to current market conditions. We recommend timing, pricing, and terms. We will, in conjunction with your accountant, address the tax considerations of a sale.

Marketing for Your Success
To provide the best quality coverage for our listings, we gear our marketing program toward the most logical buyers. We use direct one-on-one presentations, detailed property information packages, and other targeted advertising and promotional campaigns including traditional and internet resources.

Combined, our brokers have over 150 years of direct commercial real estate experience. Our commitment to communication and follow-through bring our transactions to timely and successful closings.

Mahoney & Associates has the experience and capability to compare the many financial variables associated with the negotiation of a lease. We lease commercial properties from small single-tenant buildings to large multi-tenant complexes.

We Guarantee Exposure
Our presence in the marketplace frequently results in a simpler, more successful lease negotiation. Interacting with the majority of property owners allows us to best identify the various locations that meet the specific needs of the tenants. In addition to personal contact, we develop a customized marketing strategy best suited to the individual property and the objectives of the ownership entity. Typically that strategy would incorporate signage, advertising, and marketing collateral for the specific property.

Pre-Leasing Services and Counsel
Our pre-leasing service includes review of the lease document itself to determine whether modification to the business points could maximize the return on investment. Additionally, our market knowledge can be beneficial to the architect during the design stage on new construction or a remodel. We offer ongoing assistance to the builder/developer to create the most efficient and desirable individual spaces and common areas. This results in maximizing the marketability of the project, and accordingly, the return on investment.

A Single-Tenant Triple-Net (NNN) property is leased to one tenant with a lease structure in which the tenant is responsible for all property-related expenses, including insurance and property taxes.

NNN properties are a popular choice for investors who want low risk returns and minimal management responsibilities.